When Harry Potter meets Tater Day at the Races!

When Harry Potter meets Tater Day at the Races!



 If you’re planning on making a trip to Kentucky Lake this spring, there are few events and dates you should be aware of!  We are kicking off our very own spring break this upcoming week with the longest trade fair and festival in United States, Tater Day!  So if carnival rides, enduro races, and fried food are your thing, you should head over to Benton, Kentucky this very weekend!  Here is a schedule to follow!

Friday: Main Street & Poplar Street vendors – open all day

Kawanis Fair at HH Lovett Park Carnival 5 – 10PM

Tater Day Demolition Derby 7PM – 12AM

Saturday: Main Street & Poplar Street Vendors & Activities – open all day

    Kawanis Fair at HH Lovett Park 11AM – 10PM

    Tater Day 100 Enduro Derby  5PM – 12AM

Sunday: Main Street & Poplar Street Vendors & Activities – open all afternoon

    Kawanis Fair at HH Lovett Park  1PM – 6PM

    Tater Day Mud/Dirt Drags  2PM – 8PM

Monday: Main Street & Poplar Street Vendors & Activities – open all day

    Kawanis Fair at HH Lovett Park  9AM – 6PM

    TATER DAY PARADE on Main Street 11AM

Prices for the Carnival are as follows:  (Armbands sold Friday & Sunday Only)

$30 Armband – Unlimited rides at both locations

$18 Armband – Unlimited rides at one locations

$26 for 20 tickets (approximately 2-5 tickets per ride)

$10 for 10 tickets (approximately 2-5 tickets per ride)

$1.25 for single tickets


Another fun event happening THIS Saturday is Harry Potter Appreciation at the Nature Station in Land Between the Lakes!  Check out their programing schedule below!

Saturday, March 30th:

10am-4pm – Seeker of the Snitch

10am-4pm – The Triwizard Tournament Training Course

11am-4pm –Make Your Own Wand

11am-4pm – Potions

11am-12:30pm – Fantastic Beasts of LBL and Where to Find Them Hike

12pm-2pm – Herbology

12:30-1:15pm – Outstanding O.W.L.s

1:30-2:15pm – Defense Against the Dark Arts

2:30-3:15pm – Care of Magical Creatures

For detailed descriptions of the activities, click here! All activities are included in Nature Station admission fees, which are $5, ages 13 and up; $3 ages 5-12; and free for ages 4 and under.

A couple of our local attractions either have opened recently or will be opening this weekend and next week, including The Hitching Post & Old Country Store in Aurora, Maggie’s Jungle Golf, and Kentucky Shores which is under NEW ownership!  These locations are great for families with children of all ages! 

Kentucky Shores has underwent some major renovations these past couple of months and are excited to now offer a clean property with updated go carts, train, arcade, as well as many other games! The zip-lines are back up and running too! They are also offering new pricing this year!  For more information on Kentucky Shores, click here!

There are also plenty of other outdoor recreational activities such as going for a hike in Land Between the Lakes, enjoying Mike Miller Park, a guided fishing trip as always, or maybe even a horseback ride at Wranglers Campground and Outpost! For lodging information, click here or give us a call at 800-467-7145 and we’ll be happy to assist in your trip planning! Happy Tater Day folks!