Beaches On Kentucky Lake

You don’t have to go all the way to Florida to build sand castles, paddle board or swim.


Enjoy a day in the sun, swimming on Kentucky Lake! The whole family will love being on the beach, whether you’re swimming, laying out or playing sand volleyball. Here are some of the beaches on or near Kentucky Lake.

Beaches at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park

Sandy beaches open seasonally from 10am-7pm with beach volleyball courts and pavilions available.  


Beaches at Land Between the Lakes:

One of the most popular beaches is Moss Creek Day Use Area open seasonally from April 1 to October 31, 2016. Learn more about our beaches here!


Places to swim North of Golden Pond:

  •    Sugar Bay Backcountry Area
  •    Taylor Bay Backcountry Area
  •    Birmingham Ferry Backcountry Area
  •    Smith Bay Backcountry Area
  •    Pisgah Point Backcountry Area
  •    Demumbers Bay Backcountry Area
  •    Twin Lakes Backcountry Area
  •    Moss Creek Day Use Area (Open April 1-October 31, 2016)
  •    Nickell Branch Backcountry Area
  •    Devil’s Elbow Day Use Area


Places to swim South of Golden Pond:

  •    Redd Hollow Backcountry Area
  •    Neville Bay Backcountry Area
  •    Ginger Bay Backcountry Area
  •    Gatlin Point near ramp on Barkley
  •    Grays Landing Day Use Area


In addition to this list, many lakefront resorts have private beaches for their guests.


**Remember these beaches do not have lifeguards, so children should not be left unsupervised. You swim on the lake at your own risk.

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