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You’ve got questions about Kentucky Lake – we have the answers!

Does Kentucky Lake have beaches?

Absolutely!  Many of our local resorts have private sandy beaches for their overnight guests.  Kentucky Dam Village State Park has a free public beach.  Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area offers many lake access points with pebble beaches.  Find out more about Kentucky Lake Beaches.

How deep is Kentucky Lake?

The channel in the main part of the lake is about 70’ feet deep with varying amounts of submerged flats and tributaries that create different terrain levels under water.  Kentucky Lake is managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).  TVA measures the lake’s level by mean sea level. 

During the summer, the lake is typically at the level of 359’ msl.  After the Fourth of July, the lake is lowered slowly five feet.  Detailed information on how the lake is managed can be found here.

How big is Kentucky Lake?

It’s a BIG lake!  In fact, when you consider the connecting canal over to Lake Barkley, these two lakes are the largest bodies of water between the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico!  By itself, Kentucky Lake covers over 160,000 acres with 2,064 miles of shoreline!  The lake is 184 miles long.

What kind of fish can be found in Kentucky Lake?

Largemouth and smallmouth bass, white bass, yellow bass, white and black crappie, catfish, bluegill and redear are all popular targets amongst anglers.

What’s the best way to access Kentucky Lake?

There are several marinas at Kentucky Lake as well as free public launch ramps

Can I rent a houseboat on Kentucky Lake?

Unfortunately, houseboat rentals are not available on Kentucky Lake at this time.  However, several marinas rent pontoons, jet skis, and fishing boats.

Where can I find more information about boating laws on Kentucky Lake?

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has ample information on boating rules and regulations for Kentucky Lake.

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