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Welcome, partners!

We created this special section of our website to bring you the most updated information pertaining to our local tourism industry. 

Per our county ordinance, an annual registration is required for anyone operating a short-term rental. Short term rentals is anything rented for less than 30 consecutive days and “include a suite, room, rooms, cabins, lodgings, campsites, or other accommodations charged by any hotel, motel, inn, tourist camp, tourist cabin, campgrounds, recreational vehicle parks, or any other place in which accommodations are regularly furnished to transients for consideration or by any person that facilitates the rental of the accommodations by brokering, coordinating, or in any other away arranging for the rental of the accommodations.”  

For a complete copy of our local ordinances and revised statutes, please download from here.

We thank you for completing your registration and being an invested tourism partner.  This information allows us to better market, promote, and connect with your industry partners.

Lodging Registration Form

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