Kentucky After Dark

Greetings to all of our lore-loving and paranormal personalities!  We are eager to share our spooky adventure with you and our mysterious Dogman!  The Beast of LBL has been around for decades and rarely ever seen, however, his howls can be heard on quiet nights in the stillness of our beloved national recreation area.  Backwoods campers beware!  For this 7 foot furry wolf creature is sure to send chills down your spine!

In the 1980s, locals claim a family of four was stalked and killed by “The Beast of LBL.” Most have said they saw the Dogman while they were camping, hiking, or boating. The most recent sighting was on Labor Day in 2017 where the witness heard howling and saw the large creature chase deer into the woods. They described it to be around 7 ft tall and stocky. Several witnesses have seen him lurking around Hotel California. The only evidence found has been a large paw print in the fresh mud. If you plan to go hunting for Dogman at Hotel California, expect to spend a whole morning/afternoon adventuring. 

Once you enter Land Between the Lakes through the northern entrance,  drive south on the Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway for 4.9-miles. Turn LEFT onto Forest Service Road (FSR) 112. Drive 1.7-miles down FSR 112 until you see FSR-120 on your left. Turn left onto FSR-120. We saw no signs for FSR-120 but the number “120” was painted on trees in red paint at the intersection of the road. Note: FSR-120 is kind of a rough road and while most vehicles should make it during normal conditions, you should use caution and drive slowly as the road narrows in many spots and large potholes and erosion areas exist. It is unlikely the road will be treated during wintry conditions. Drive 1.3-miles until you see a trail on your right with some large rocks covered in graffiti. There are areas on the sides of the road where you could pull off and park. This is the start of the Hotel California Trail. 

To get to the structure (half a mile there, half a mile back – out and back), take the trail by the graffiti painted rocks (west side of road) and stay RIGHT when there are junctions and forks in the trail. After crossing a very small creek, you should see the structure. The GPS coordinates of the structure is 36.98716’N / 88.142’W

For the most thrilling experience, backwoods camping might be something that interests you, however, don’t forget to file for your permit with the forestry service.  You can do that by clicking here. There are also a variety of campgrounds scattered throughout Land Between the Lakes and in Marshall County.  A list of campgrounds in Marshall can be found by clicking here.  For a variety of other accommodations, including private home rentals, fishing cottages, state resort parks, please visit our lodging page.

After spending the day hiking through the backwoods of Land Between the Lakes looking for the “The Beast of LBL,” you may find yourselves starved for something tasty! For food options, we offer a variety of home-style cooking, BBQ, and smash burgers.  Our complete dining experiences are listed here.  We also feature some exceptional regional cuisine including world famous pork chops at Patti’s Settlement and renowned Chef Sara Bradley, owner of the Freight House in downtown Paducah, Kentucky.  You’re especially lucky if you visit during the spooky fall season as they offer haunted walking ghost tours throughout the downtown blocks as well.  More information on the Freight House and Markethouse Theatre can be found by visiting Paducah.travel.

For some additional paranormal experiences, you might want to venture to Happy Hollow Road in Benton, Kentucky. The road is believed to be haunted by a little girl that was hit and killed by a car. Rumor has it if you put your car in neutral and let it roll downhill, you might see her handprints on your windshield and feel her pushing your car. There’s also a tunnel that’s said to be haunted as well on this road.  For other state and regional paranormal adventures, be sure to pick up your KAD passport at one of the participating cities, for a list of all the unknown, upside downs of Kentucky.  It is Kentucky After Dark after all…

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